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The International Arbuzov Award in the field of organophosphorous chemistry

July 11, 1997, on the eve of the 120th anniversary of academician Alexander . Arbuzov, outstanding chemist, the Creator of a new branch of chemistry - chemistry of organophosphorus compounds, President of Tatarstan Mintimer Shaimiev signed a Decree on the establishment of the International Arbuzov Award in the field of organophosphorus chemistry.


International Arbuzovs Prize Winner-2015 is announced

Professor Yu-Fen Zhao (Xiamen University, China) is the International Arbuzovs Prize Winner-2015!

In the frame of the Opening Ceremony of ICPC-2016 will take place the Awarding Ceremony of the International Arbuzovs Prize in the Field of Organophosphorus Chemistry-2015.

The International Arbuzovs Prize was established in memory of the outstanding Russian chemists Alexander and Boris Arbuzovs by the President of the Republic of Tatarstan in 1997. The Arbuzovs Prize is awarded biennially to an honored Russian or foreign chemist personally for prominent contribution into phosphorus chemistry.

Since Prof. Arkady Pudovik (Russia) and Prof. Luis Quin (USA) in 1997, Prof. Jan Michalski (Poland) – 1999, Prof. Francois Mathey (France) – 2001, Prof. Edgar Niecke (Germany) – 2003, Prof. Masaaki Yoshifuji (Japan) – 2005, Prof. Irina P. Beletskaya (Russia) – 2007, Prof. Marian Mikolajczyk (Poland) – 2009, Prof. Michael Blackburn (United Kingdom) – 2011, and Prof. Valerii Kukhar (Ukraina) “ 2013 were awarded this Prize. So, Prof. Yu-Fen Zhao (China) was recognized as the Laureate of the Arbuzovs Prize for 2015!


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